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December 17

Honda Cross Road Arrives at Strong’s

This is the first Honda Crossroad that we have managed to get hold of for parts! The Crossroad is an interesting vehicle with a really unique look, it’s powered by either a 140hp 1.8 or 150hp 2.0L engine and only comes in automatic however you can have the option of either a 2wd or 4wd […]


November 29

How to bleed Honda Power Steering systems

1. Do NOT start the engine until the system is fully bled, doing so may cause damage to the power steering components. Pump internals are metal to metal so any air in the system can cause metal to metal contact and resulting damage. 2. Raise the front wheels off the ground 3. Turn the steering […]


November 12

How are car parts recycled in New Zealand

A common question we get at Strong Honda relates to peoples interest in the process for recycling car parts. Because of the interest we created an article that explains it. Step¬† One. The process of recycling car parts starts with end of life cars which are are received from the public via our car collection […]

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